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LEAP news for vendors:

Policy regarding heating costs requests (EHHC's).

LEAP Benefit Increase

LEAP reports fix. Problems loading LEAP reports? You may have compatibility issues if you're using IE11.

Web site problems. If you experience any problems with this web site please email:

ATTN: Propane Dealers. Remember if a LEAP applicant refuses to accept a delivery of propane when they receive LEAP, please notify the local and state LEAP office right away.

NOTE: If your company information changes at any time including banking information, address, phone, fax, email, please send us an email via the link at the bottom of this page.
Q. When should vendors honor a LEAP benefit?

A. As soon as the vendor is notified of an approval (LEAP commitment) via this web site as listed in the menu "Projected Payroll Reports."
For propane providers, the Vendor Agreement requires that once a commitment is made by LEAP (see above) then propane should be delivered based on the total annual LEAP benefit, or; deliver an amount of fuel on the scheduled route so that the LEAP applicant will not run out of propane before the next delivery or until the total annual LEAP benefit is exhausted.

Monthly Payroll Information:
There are two reports on the following web page:
Weekly Projected Payroll Reports. This report are all the LEAP applicants who were either approved or denied and the total annual LEAP benefit is approved.

The Payroll Report is the actual transmittal of LEAP funds from the state bank of record to all vendor banks of record.
Monthly payrolls are generated on the last Tuesday of every month from November 2014 through June 2015.

The December 2014 payroll will be generated on Monday December 30th.

If you have questions or problems with reports, payroll issues or password resets, please send us an email by clicking on our email address listed below.

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